Master's dissertations

Limor Landau 2007
The impact of Virtual Reality on the dyslectic child's self-esteem.
Gal Zolkover 2007
The level of interaction in Virtual Reality and its impact on the memory factor in Second Language Acquisition (SLA).
The correlation between the sense of presence in a 3D immersive environment and the motivation for Second Language Acquisition (SLA).
Michal Bezer 2007
Enhancing sequential time perception amongst children with mental retardation through Virtual Reality technology.
The correlation between students’ creative thinking, their achievement and their learning attitude while taking an online a synchronic academic course.
Usage Patterns of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) for social support among adolescents.
Yael Salomon 2007
Future-images concerning future technologies among Israeli adolescents and their impact on self ambition.
Vanina Rosenbaum 2007
the impact of Virtual Reality (VR) on the parents' awareness to cognitive and emotional states of the dyslectic child.
Liav Nadler 2007
Structural and Conceptual User Interfaces and their Integrated Effect on Learning with Hypertext
The didactic efficiency of help files for the users demands.
Maly Shavit 2006
The impact of VR on the educator's awareness of cognitive, emotional and social experiences of a dyslectic student.
Ronit Moshe 2005
The effect of Virtual Reality on the awareness to pupil’s cognitive experience of Test Anxiety among pre-service teaching students.
Leeat Karmon 2005
The effect of a Virtual Reality Textual-Visual experience on the teacher's awareness of Test Anxiety.
Mally Cheled 2005
The impact of Virtual Reality on the awareness of teenagers to the experiences and feelings of immigrant classmates in their first period in Israel.
Dvorit Bublil 2004
The Effect of Html Programming on the Use Of Mathematical Language Among Middle School Student.
Chani Kessar 2004
The influence of teacher’s questioning in an online course on the cognitive interactions among students.
Gali Shwartz 2004
The Effect of Peer-To-Peer Technologies on the Quality of a Cooperative Writing Assignment in an Academic Class.
Rinat Cohen 2004
Metaphors efficiency on Web orientation.
Asnat Fleishman 2004
The effect of "web based teaching" of Bible and History on students’ achievements and positions regarding the subject matter.
Leah Aharonovitz 2003
The Effect of interacting with 3D self-posture on the body image of handicapped children and adolescents.
Revital Godart 2003
The Correlation between Frontal & Online Courses and Thinking Styles of Undergraduate Students to their Motivation.
Developing a computerized learning unit to teach the “Melioration” as a higher order thinking skill among 6th grade students
Sigalit Ivry 2003
The Correlation between the personality trait Tolerance for Ambiguity, and would be teachers’ willingness to incorporate computers in their future teaching.
Identifying Searching Strategies on Databases by Information Specialists.
Aviva Sharbat 1999
A Preferred Future Pedagogic Mission for Using Virtual Reality in Schools: An Imen-Delphi Procedure with a World-wide Group of VR Scholars and Developers.
Designing the Roles of the Teacher from the Professional, Pedagogic and Organizational Point of View in the Innovative School “Dror”: An Ethnographic Future Research (EFR).
Enhancing Cognitive Skills of Hearing Impaired Children with 3D Rotating Objects in Virtual Reality.
Yehudit Dryer 1998
Developing Future Imagery with a Group of Decision Makers from the Israeli Society of Communal Services (ISCS).
Tali Neuman-Pasternak 1998
A Possible Future Mission for Schooling as Developed by an Israeli Group of Educational Leaders.
Haya Levine 1998
Improving the Awareness to Toddlers’ Initial Cognitive & Emotional Experiences in Kindergarten with Virtual Reality.
Haya Levine 1998
Gender Differences of Favored Multimedia Learning Interfaces

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