Ph.D. dissertations

Ganit Eshel Kedmi 2007
Dynamic Testing with Virtual Reality.
A Tool for Measuring Innovative Technology Ideas among Science Students
Hadas Roza-Zada 2005
A Model for Building a Successful Academic Online Course and an Instrument for Examining the Application of the New Pedagogical Strategies in the Virtual Environment of an Academic Online Course.
Adva Margaliot 2005
A Model for Teaching the Melioration Cognitive Skill amongst Pre-service Science Teachers.
Chanoch Hauptman 2005
The Advancement of “Spatial Cognition” in Virtual Environments as a Function of Solid Geometry Learning and Meta-Cognitive Training—While Contents are Designed to Lessen Anxiety and Enhance Learning Motivation.
The effect of “Three-Dimensionality” as a representation mode on sequential time perception, on hearing-impaired and hearing children
Alon Hasgal 2004
Knowledge work in Complex and Adaptive Systems in Israel.
Haya Levine 2004
The Effect of Cultural Background on User Interface Satisfaction in World Wide Web among Israeli Students.

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שיפור האיי-קיו בעזרת טכנולוגיות 19 ביוני 2017 ביה"ס להדרכה צה"ל

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תבונת המונים וחקר העתיד 12 במרץ 2012 אוני בר אילן

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