Educational Futures Papers

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Passig, David (2006)
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Passig, David (2003)
A Taxonomy of Future Thinking Skills. International Journal of Informatics in Education. The International Journal of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. 2 (1), 79-92.
Passig, David (2001)
A taxonomy of ICT mediated future thinking skills. In Taylor, H. and Hogenbirk, P. (2001) Information and Communication Technologies in Education: The School of the Future. Kluwer Academic Publishers,Boston, pp 103-112.
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Passig, David (2000)
Teaching Future Jewish Life through a Cross-Generation Future Oriented Curriculum. Religious Education. The Journal of the Religious Education Association and the Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education.University of Judaism. Los Angeles, CA, 95 (2), 190-214. Taylor & Francis.
Passig, David (1997)
A preferred scenario for a future core-curriculum, in Paldi, E. (ed.). Education in Time Test, Tel-Aviv University, Ramot Publishing, pp. 53-61 (in Hebrew).
Passig, David (1996)
Developing Communal Future Jewish Imagery with a Group of Teenagers. Journal of Jewish Communal Service. The Journal of the Jewish Communal Service Association. 72 (3), 210-216.

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שיפור האיי-קיו בעזרת טכנולוגיות 19 ביוני 2017 ביה"ס להדרכה צה"ל

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תבונת המונים וחקר העתיד 12 במרץ 2012 אוני בר אילן

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